“My Life Got Better.”

I give honor to the Most High God-Jesus Christ for His love, mercy and for looking beyond my faults and seeing my very needs! Jesus knew that I needed Greater Emmanuel Temple Of Grace in my life. I am a strong believer that God never leaves His children without what they need to go through life and He equips them with what they need to go through in any of life’s given circumstances. Greater Emmanuel Temple of Grace isn’t just built on faith; it cuts its teeth on faith. Bishop Marion Wright, Sr. teaches, lives and breathes faith. Bishop Marion Wright, Sr. teaches and molds you on God’s Word. It is the profound Word that sticks to your ribs, your bones, into your head, your heart, your sub-conscious, your brain and your spirit. If you are around someone or church long enough you start to take on their characteristics and their beliefs; like Elijah and Elisha (read I and II Kings). Thank God that’s what happened to me. Greater Emmanuel Temple of Grace has instilled the Word of God in me so that when the tough times came along or the trials, that the Word would come into my spirit, my brain, in my heart, down my veins, in my hands, in my legs, my feet and would help me to stand on God’s Word and His promises. When I didn’t understand and tears rolled down my face I still had this unexplained peace. The Word of God carried me, if you know what I mean. When I didn’t know what to do or say or which way to turn I said, “I TRUST YOU LORD!!” When I couldn’t say it, my heart said “I TRUST YOU LORD”; my brain said “I TRUST YOU LORD” and my spirit said “I TRUST YOU LORD!!” Greater Emmanuel Temple Of Grace has taught me so much in my walk with Christ, to smile, to be happy, to be confident, to love and to have joy! God said,” He will give you pastors according to His own heart which would feed you with knowledge and understanding” Jeremiah 3:15. Thank you Jesus for that, cause sometimes I don’t know what I need. But God does, Hallelujah!!!!!

– Sis. Marchia Scott

“I Found Jesus Here.”

I came to the church after experiencing church hurt at its highest. I had pretty much decided I was not going to join another church, but I felt God pushing me to find a church home. I began to participate in a small group bible study with young believers that were on fire for God. One of the participants gave me a card with his church information on it and never said another word about it. I held on to that card for a long time and one day I jumped in my car and drove to the church. It was about a 40 minute drive from where I was living, but I knew I needed to go. I had visited many churches in the past, but the first thing that I noticed was how loving and approachable the Pastor and First Lady were. More important than that was the fact that this man preached the Word. He declared that for 3 years, he was going to teach what Jesus taught. It was simple, but so profound. I realized that this was what many of the churches were missing: JESUS. I also realized what I was missing and that was the Holy Ghost. I had tried many times to live right and be a good Christian, but it was nearly impossible to do without His Spirit. Now, I truly have the power I so needed to receive the Word and LIVE the Word. Things are beginning to turn around in my life and I’m excited about the doors that are being opened due to my relationship with a man named JESUS.

-Sis. Crystal Harkless

“I’m Finally Free.”

I have learned a lot while being a part of this tremendous ministry. During a series being taught by my Pastor. He stressed the importance of true forgiveness and how forgiveness isn’t because of the other person, but it releases you. At that point I was holding on to some past hurt from my childhood and a family member. That hurt and anger was hindering me in other areas of my life and I truly didn’t realize it. At that moment I gave that up and forgave that person, instantly felt different and things began to change for the positive. I thank God for my church and my Pastor.

– Deac. Michael Byers

“I’m Right At Home.”

One of the first things that drew me to GETG was the spirit that I felt from the very first service. Second thing I noticed was the welcoming of the saints and how I didn’t feel like I was being judged or stereotyped based off of how I did or didn’t look. Now that I am a member, I can look forward to meaningful life lessons that apply to my daily living. As we speak, I’m actually still holding on to a message that Bishop taught entitled “But God, Is Bigger Than My Circumstances.” If you are looking for a homey feel church that enjoys giving God all the praise that He deserves, then come home.

– Bro. Rodney Martin