Veteran's Ministry

“It is God who arms me with Strength”
2 Samuel 22:30, 33, 47

The mission of the Greater Emmanuel Temple of Grace Veterans Ministry is to provide fellowship, outreach, and assistance to U.S. military veterans who attend the church and reside in the region. This outreach will be accomplished through prayer, partnerships, and communication.

Because of our faith and service, veterans participating in this ministry share a unique, common bond that we will use as a foundation to meet veterans’ needs in four ways; 1) Providing a familiar community, 2) Educating veterans about benefits and resources that are available to them, 3) Helping other veterans who are in need, and 4) Bridging the gap between veterans and those who support them, by sharing stories of those who have served. Veterans are a civic asset, and our community can benefit from understanding their service.

The Veteran’s Ministry Auxiliary offers the following programs and activities:

Veterans Recognition Sunday for Memorial Day and Veterans Day – (details TBD)

GETG Veterans Fellowship Day – (TBD)

GETG Veterans Meeting/Breakfast or Lunch – (Bi-monthly /start date TBD

OPERATION – REVIVE – A bi-weekly fellowship for topics/discussions related to the spiritual and natural needs of our veteran community/start date TBD).

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these programs or events, please contact us at